If you want to send a screenshot, please contact me. It must be 800x600 or 640x480, and the coop HUD must be visible. Screenshots with 2, 3 or 4 players are much appreciated. Screenshots of challenge mode champions slaying Makron are welcome.

Pat AfterMoon

january 2006 : screenshots from champion Champion Haunted.

Ready for the  fun.
Ha, the BFG...
Oops, only 12 heal points left !
The Makron will not survive that !
Quad damage

january 2005 : screenshots from player SP22. Note that the custom player models used by SP22 are not part of COOP or DIE.

Wow, u have same weapon as i do!
Super shotties
Old school monster is back!
Cyber daemon
Well... that\'s one big fishy skin.
lets ride!
Hold it or i shoot your skull off!
Hehe, ogro fell on his soft butt.
OgrO's taunt
This model is Yogiz-es favourite!

april 2003 : screenshots from champion Champion JudicatorOmega.

JudicatorOmega and Acid are on the way
Judicator & Acid
Acid and the Quad Damage : the nice effects of Quake2Max ;)
Acid Quaded ;)
JudicatorOmega facing Makron, be careful and stay cautious when using chasecam !
Who's the boss ?
Does he like it ?
a splash for Makron
No more ammo, and not much life, but who care now ? Makron has been slayed :D
no more ammo

february 2003 : the Champion Crusard gift : a little enhancement for the Mine entrance

The first XmlRules file created by Crusard : a little more monsters for the Mine entrance :D
Ouch !

march 2003 : player LiQuiD_ and me.

Is the way clean ? Ok, I come ;)
Can I come

february 2003 : player lokiler_88 and me.

Hey ! let me some monsters :P
Lokiller in action
Ready for entering the next level
Next level
Hum ... after you sir ;)
Near exit
A poor berserk under our fire

january 2003 : first screenshot of the new StartMap.

The new StartMap with teleporters for joining the 10 missions
new StartMap
The teleporters for joining the last played map
new StartMap
A locked teleporter, previous missions must be accomplished
locked teleporter
Some players have accomplished previous missions, but not all
locked teleporter

august 2002 : fun with Vortex players.

We enter the Outer Base, MrJump probably run for a shotgun ;-)
MrJump run in front of the monster, Saig has really low life, be careful
Run in front
Oups, an accident :(
Area is clean, now we can go to the next level
Next level

august 2002 : Ghostface and me, testing the new version of the WorldServer.

Escape from the jail with Ghostface
Cool party for testing the WorldServer
Cool party
Be careful about the rocket Ghostface ;-)
Be careful
Hum hum, Ghostface is swiming, he probably need a rebreather ;-)