Quake2 COOP or DIE

Multiplayer Quake2 cooperative mode
with monsters, online account and persistent data.

Version 10.04 - Since April 30, 2010

The COOP or DIE Quake2 Modification uses a WorldServer. It manages on-line players' accounts, stores inventory and health points, and acts as an integrated master server. It also controls the entities that are spawned in the maps. It can add, remove or modify monsters, items and much more, don't expect to encounter the same monster each time in the same place. When a player dies, the whole team returns to the start map and must try the mission again, so there is no other way: "Cooperate or perish".

You can use a modern Quake2 engine like Quake2XP.

If you want to crush monsters in cooperative play, just give it a try.


Pat AfterMoon (accounts : Pat, admin, betatest)

Since COOP or DIE has existed, several players have finished the classic campaign and slain Makron without dying! These champions of the challenge mode are marked by stars Champion.
See them on the Hall of Fame.

Latest missions victory:
beats the Punishment missionSince
United States JMoldy
2 days
Australia Sol Champion in solo
7 days
Australia Sol Champion in solo
10 days

beats the Crash n Massacre missionSince
Australia Sol Champion in solo
9 days
Australia Sol Champion in solo
21 days
Australia Sol Champion in solo
21 days

beats the Rush for the Head missionSince
France Evilman
27 days
France Evilman
27 days
Poland (Polska) Yerun
2 months

Players connected per day

March 14 : 4 players March 15 : 3 players March 16 : 1 players March 17 : 8 players March 18 : 4 players March 19 : 4 players March 20 : 6 players March 21 : 8 players March 22 : 7 players March 23 : 4 players March 24 : 1 players March 25 : 9 players March 26 : 5 players March 27 : 3 players March 28 : 1 players

Players' list for the last 15 days (26 / 7319)
name last login
regular Australia Sol Champion in solo3 hours 
regular Poland (Polska) mikey1 6 hours 
regular Poland (Polska) natalia11 6 hours 
regular Finland (Suomi) HulluPoro 1 day 
regular Finland (Suomi) roque 1 day 
regular Russia (Россия) CoopGamer 1 day 
regular Russia (Россия) CoopPlayer 1 day 
regular United States MechaGandalf 2 days 
regular Sweden (Sverige) Chudow 2 days 
regular Sweden (Sverige) RebelZ 2 days 
challenge United States JMoldy 2 days 
regular Russia (Россия) murmand 2 days 
regular Russia (Россия) DoctorNero2012 2 days 
regular Poland (Polska) Perteks 5 days 
regular Poland (Polska) Irwin 5 days 
regular Russia (Россия) NAGAVNOGU 5 days 
regular Russia (Россия) Kolitanskiy 5 days 
challenge Lithuania (Lietuva) NiggaHigga Champion in solo and duo6 days 
challenge Lithuania (Lietuva) Luksas Champion in solo6 days 
regular Saint Lucia AlbertAnastasia 7 days 
challenge Poland (Polska) SilentYuki 8 days 
regular United States ccampbell37 10 days 
regular United States werther44 10 days 
regular Poland (Polska) SilentYukiTest Quake2 betatesters10 days 
regular Ukraine (Україна) Protectr 13 days 
regular Belarus (Белару́сь) sef2048 14 days