• IMPORTANT NOTES (read first)

    You need a retail Quake 2 copy to play COOP or DIE. If you haven't it, you can digitally buy it at low cost on id Software store or on Steam.

    Don't forget to patch with the latest Quake 2 point release 3.20:
    q2-3.20-x86-full.exe - 13 Mo - on IdSoftware FTP


    COOP or DIE doesn't host dedicated servers for multiplayer. Playing with teamates require than one of the players host the game (it's automatic) and other players join him (it could be problematic).
    For other players being able to join you, your quake2 need to be reachable from the Internet. Routers, NAT, proxy and firewalls may block the connection. You can manually unlock the port 27910 for both UDP and TCP, or you can use virtual network tool like Hamachi.


    • Download the latest q2coopordie ZIP file from the download page.

    • Unzip the file in your Quake2 folder (generally C:\Quake2). A folder named "coopordie" will be created.
      Now your Quake2 folder should contain :
      • expat.dll
      • coopordie.bat
      • multiple text files : readme, changelog and licences agreements
      And your coopordie folder should contain :
      • gamex86.dll
      • a pics folder with more than 50 little pictures
      • a maps folder with pregame.bsp and startmap.bsp
      • a textures folder with a wsrv folder with some textures


    • Go to the register page, choose a name and fill in the form. It is recommended to fill in information to help other players to meet you (time-zone, country, ICQ number ...).

    • After this operation, your account is created. You can modify your profile information whenever you want on the profile page.


    • Edit the coopordie.bat file, add the login and password you used to register your account. You can change the Quake2.exe name by the Quake2 engine of your choice. Recommended engine: Quake2XP.

    • Launch the program by clicking on coopordie.bat, you will start in a pre-game state

    • The connect command is linked to the "o" key. Hit this key to connect to the WorldServer.

    • After a few seconds, if everything is OK, you will be sent to the WorldServer StartMap.

    • 10 teleporters will appear in front of you, one for each mission. The mission teleporters will be available step by step.

    • If you hit the key "o" when you are already connected to the WorldServer, you will return to the StartMap.

    • To join other players or dedicated servers, open the Quake2 standard MULTIPLAYER menu and the JOIN NETWORK SERVER sub-menu. Your address book is automatically updated by WorldServer. If servers are available, you will see them after a short time.
      If you want to join a game, pay attention to the ping, many players are scattered all over the world.
      If you want to be joined by other players, pay attention to firewall, proxy or NAT, they can make you unreachable.

    • WARNING: Don't stop your Internet connection before leaving the game, or some of your player information may be lost.


    When you start a COOP or DIE game, you are placed in the start map.

    Start map

    This special map contain teleporters, generally they send you to:
    • The last map played on the WorldServer
    • The Outer Base, first map of the standard Quake2 game
    • The surprise map ;-)


    • When you play COOP or DIE, the WorldServer will apply its rules. It will choose the map, and modify monsters, items or other entities. Your inventory, health points and current map are saved on the WorldServer.

    • COOP or DIE is a cooperative mod where the aim is to battle against the stoggos and help other human players.

    • To help interaction between players, a new HUD has been implemented. You can activate it with the command "score", which is generally linked to "X".
      coop layout
      You can see faces, names, health points (green), armor (blue), direction, distances and pings of all players.

    • The messages displayed on the web-chat are displayed inside Quake too. You can listen to players' messages from the web and you are informed about other players' actions: log-in, enter a map, death ...


    The challenge mode is for hardcore players. In this mode, when you die, you restart the entire game from the beginning and your inventory is reset.
    To try this mode, you have to edit settings in your profile. Turn your account into challenge mode.

    With this game mode, you have a specific inventory for each team you play with. If a player quits the team, everybody returns to StartMap and all inventories are reloaded for the new team.

    If you finish the entire Quake2 campaign in challenge mode and slay the Makron without dying, you will be a champion.
    Being a champion in solo is awarded by one star Champion 1.
    But if you do it in the way it was meant to be, if you win the entire game in a co-operative team, all participants will be awarded:
    Champion 2 two stars for a team of two.
    Champion 3 three for a team of three
    Champion 4 four for a team of four.

    Here are the rules for being awarded with stars:

    • No cheating ! Due to the open-source nature of Quake2 and this modification, it could seem easy to cheat. But the WorldServer stores a lot of information during your progression, so be warned, the big brother is watching you wink

    • Returning to the StartMap or disconnecting when in danger is not considered as cheating.

    • The star award is not added automatically after your victory. Each challenge is verified manually by big brother. Depending on my availability, it can take one or more days.

    • The challenge mode currently only applies to the classic Quake2 campaign.

  • Know bugs

    • If a player occupies the place of a spawn-point when another player joins the game, they can both be stuck. The simplest solution is to re-enter the StartMap (wsrv_login command).

    • If you find a new bug, post a message on the forum.